Amanda is a 500hr RYT and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-C). She completed her 200 hour Hatha Raja Yoga training under Gabrielle Sulc (Yogini Kali Om) in 2017 and more recently completed her 300 hour Yoga Psychology training under Ashley Turner's Yoga.Psyche.Soul program.

Amanda now offers yoga based therapy that integrates the philosophies and theories of yoga and psychology. Amanda also practices intuitive teaching that is based on attuning to one's true energy, resonance, and alignment within self. She offers a non-traditional body based yoga and therapy program that targets anxiety, depression, burnout/stress, and trauma in order to fully establish the steps to connect with true self. You will find aspects of this program in her weekly Therapeutic Group Yoga classes. She fully believes in one's ability to heal their own wounds through mind-body connection. When connected with true self, when aligned, we are then able to help and to give in a natural, intuitive, way that is truly fulfilling.

When Amanda is not teaching she is enjoying time with her five-year-old son, out in nature, or listening to live music.