Cassandra is an eternal student of yoga with a longtime passion for both study and practice. Her approach to yoga is grounded in integration. She teaches a creative, dynamic, and sustainable vinyasa style that blends steady movement, precise alignment, and Buddhist principles of mindfulness and compassion. Cassandra's classes are designed to cultivate stability, clarity, and strength that linger long after the practice has concluded.

After completing 500 hours of study with YogaWorks in 2018, Cassandra taught classes and assisted 200 hour teaching trainings at YogaWorks in Baltimore and has continued to teach Crossfit athletes at a number of gyms across the city. She has continued her education in the biomechanics of yoga asana with Alexandria Crow and is working to complete an additional 300 hours of study in Om Yoga with founder Cyndi Lee. Current areas of continued study include shamatha (mindfulness) meditation and the use of yoga and other somatic practices to aid in the physical and mental reprocessing of trauma.

Cassandra is a structural engineer currently working as a project manager for an aerospace testing and integration consultant. When not jet setting between client facilities to work with spacecraft and satellites, she spends her time weight lifting, running, cooking, and hiking with her giant lap dog Melvin.