Class Descriptions

Aluma Align
75 minutes
Aluma Align is an intermediate class for dedicated and curious students who want to use yoga as a means to transform their bodies. The class is structured in a workshop format deconstructing and rebuilding poses using a skills and drills approach. Chris is a Physical Therapist with a Master's Degree in biomechanics and motor control. He offers guidance on structural habits and the details of alignment in yoga asanas. The focus on the details of the postures will enhance your practice and serve as a drishti to quiet your wandering mind.

The class will be taught at an intermediate level.
Aluma Explore
60 minutes
Patsy’s Aluma Explore class takes you on a deep inward journey within the structure of a classical yoga class that features alignment, flow, stretching, strengthening, and holds. No two classes follow the same sequence as she teaches intuitively, from the heart, feeling into the energy of the room. Patsy believes that the practice teaches us and holds space for this exploration in a fun and open environment. Expect the familiar and the unexpected to unfold as you explore your practice!

All levels welcome!
Aluma Grow
60 minutes
Aluma Grow is a seriously playful class for dedicated and curious students who want to use yoga as a means to transform their bodies and minds. Kimberly is rigorously trained in biomechanics and physical therapy. She offers guidance on structural habits and alignment in the body directly to students in order to empower them. Students can then choose to make the appropriate changes in any given pose. What you learn here can be easily applied to your vinyasa style classes. If you suffer from chronic pain in any part of your body, this class can help you work for relief. The poses are basic, but the work is intense and therefore trains your mind to pay attention and stay focused.

All levels are welcome!
Aluma Vinyasa
60 minutes
Aluma Vinyasa, our signature class, is known for its dynamically sequenced flow that links movement with breath, body, mind, heart and soul. Each unique practice attends to the whole person. With guided instruction, alignment cues and carefully curated music, this practice will guide you through a moderately paced series of postures, inquiries, and readings to elicit personal transformation.

Options and modifications may be offered.

All levels are welcome!
Dance Cardio Limited Series
45 minutes
Join Tara for a class that will have you smiling from ear to ear as you work on your cardiovascular health! With easy-to-follow steps and cues and an upbeat playlist, you will forget how hard you are working! Expect a 5 min warm up followed by 25 min of dance inspired cardio and a 15 min cool down.

Tennis shoes optional!
Easy Flow
60 minutes
Easy Flow offers a moderate, well-rounded sequence of movements focused on spinal movement, core engagement, balance work, and hip stretches to support overall joint mobility, flexibility, and stability. Linda, trained in several therapeutic techniques including Yoga for Traumatic Brain Injury, listens to students and observes them in order to create a supportive environment designed around the needs of each individual.

Accommodations and modifications are always offered.
Flow and Restore
60 minutes
A class that blends the best of both vinyasa and restorative practices. Class begins with our usual warms ups and sun salutations before moving you through a standing vinyasa flow. Then shifts all the way down into some longer held, yin and restorative poses to calm and ease your mind, body, and soul.
60 minutes
In our Pilates class you’ll explore the Principles of Pilates: breath, concentration, centering, control, precision, and flow.

This class will explore the foundations of mat Pilates through whole body intentional movement. Whether you are completely new to Pilates or a long-term practitioner, this class will move you through exercises that support your core and spinal health.

Please bring a mat, and come prepared to move in comfortable clothing, with bare feet or grippy socks.

All levels welcome.
Slow Flow
60 minutes
Slow Flow features a vinyasa style class with an intentionally slower pace which offers students more time to settle into postures and the space to take a few breaths. Props are encouraged and modifications are offered. There is a focus on balance and core strength as you are guided through a well-rounded practice designed to help calm your mind and body.

All levels are welcome!
Tone & Flow
45 minutes
Tone & Flow features fine toning and muscle building movements coupled with bursts of cardio to help you feel lean and strong. Class ends with a yoga cool down and stretch to lengthen your muscles and soothe your mind.

Come prepared to sweat with athletic shoes and water.

Light weights are provided and low impact modifications will be offered.