Class Descriptions

Aluma Vinyasa

Aluma Vinyasa, our signature class, is known for its dynamically sequenced flow that links movement with breath, body, mind, heart and soul. Each unique practice attends to the whole person. With guided instruction, alignment cues and carefully curated music, this practice will guide you through a moderately paced series of postures, inquiries, and readings to elicit personal transformation. Options and modifications are offered.

All levels welcome

Beginner Yoga

This is a class designed for beginners or those looking to focus on the basics. You will study common postures and transitions while spending time creating proper alignment in your body. Expect clear, explicit and individualized instruction. Props and modifications are often offered as the class moves through a gentle flow followed by savasana.

All levels welcome

Community Vinyasa Yoga

Community Yoga is our signature Aluma Vinyasa class offered to All Levels and at a discounted rate of $10 to make yoga more accessible.

Please select "Community Yoga $10" or use your monthly unlimited membership.

All levels welcome

Creative Vinyasa Yoga

An energizing physical asana practice with a bit of imagination. You will move through both traditional and non-traditional yoga sequences while learning to use the breath to quiet the mind and fully drop into the present moment. Influenced by Hatha Yoga, Dance, Pilates, Pranayama, and Katonah yoga, you will weave in ideas and postures to access your body in a different way so you are able to get through ideas, around old habits, and into yourself. Come as you are and learn to ask more of your mind and body connection. You will be given options to adjust poses to your own comfort level and experience level.

Therapeutic Group Yoga

A Group Therapy practice that incorporates traditional mental health systems with yoga and movement techniques. Led by Amanda Baker, RYT 200, LCSW-C (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), and trained in Trauma Informed Yoga. This class will address multiple mental health systems such as the impact of anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD, and stress on one’s physical and emotional health. Participants are led through yoga asana, breathing techniques, and deep relaxation with additional instruction and reflection on how these practices benefit one’s mental health and can provide further healing, present mindedness, and reduction of physical and emotional symptoms. Weekly class themes may include: connection, gratitude, acceptance, trust, confidence, concentration, integration, diffusion, and more. No prior experience with either yoga or therapy is necessary.

Warm Power Yoga

Aluma Power Yoga is a vinyasa practice that moves at a faster pace and includes many opportunities to challenge you both mentally and physically.  You will build heat from the inside out and leave feeling stronger and more confident. Many different opportunities and modifications are offered. The room is 75 degrees.

All levels with some experience recommended.

Heal & Restore Yoga

Gentle, Healing, Restorative, this class is designed to support your physical & emotional well-being.

This class combines gentle, restorative, yin, somatic, vinyasa, and pranayama into one class to help you release anxiety and stress while increasing mobility and flexibility.  Through mindful movement and breath, you will be guided to connect with your energy body to facilitate healing both on the emotional and physical planes. Expect props, long holds, reiki, spiritual tools and easy movement.

All levels welcome

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga combines elements of vinyasa, hatha, and restorative styles. The instructor designs the class around the bodies in the room and practitioners' requests. This is a good practice for those just getting started, aging or recuperating bodies, or those needing to truly unwind.

All levels welcome.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a practice which is focused primarily on alignment. The instructor will encourage ease of movement through simplicity and repetition in order to promote strength and flexibility.

All levels welcome



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