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The majority of astrologers will tell you that we have been in intense times... Hell yeah!  I must concur. This December may feel a little more serious. Don't worry, it will still be fun and wonderful, but there will be a lot more planning and organizing this year, for the future. Matters of leadership should go well.  I keep saying this but......(here I go again!) we have "Stepped into a new life" and we are still figuring out what we're doing here and how to make this work. It is different for everyone but I think a lot of people are feeling that they just went through a big transition. WE DID! Our thoughts are feeling really clear, things are making more sense since Mercury moved direct about 10 days ago.


This is a great month to have intimate conversations about how we can better meet each other's needs, in all relationships and friendships. We are ready to do the work. We're building something important here. It is a great time to have fun and be merry BUT going overboard, financially or otherwise is not recommended. Strive for balance in all things, a lot of fun but also a lot of care with health. Think longevity, stability, smart choices, moderation. Yet when there is true Joy, let it penetrate all places within you, feel it HOLD IT CLOSE and let that preciousness RADIATE.


Happy Holidays! Yoga Poses: Moon: Full in Crystals:

Consider for DECEMBER

Yoga Poses: Pigeon, Down Dog, Wheel, also exercise those bhanda's

Crystals: Shiva linghams, Angelite, Garnet, Jasper Bloodstone

Full Moon: December 12th in Gemini (Chiron Direct, take care with health)

New Moon: December 26th in Capricorn, also Solar Eclipse= BOOM!



Jamie Spotts is a Maryland based Intuitive Advisor, Holistic Esthetician, Reiki Master and advanced Theta Healer. She speaks the language of astrology, tarot, and metaphysics with warmth and love.  Although self taught for  nearly 18 years, Jamie studied and is certified under Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. If you would like to contact Jamie for an appointment, please email her at



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