8 Week Beginner Series

DATE: Sundays 9/22-11/10

TIME: 9:30 - 10:30 am

LOCATION: Aluma Yoga

INSTRUCTORS: Stephanie Snyder

COST: $150

Are you a beginner who thinks you aren’t flexible enough? Coordinated enough? Strong enough to practice yoga? YOU ARE ENOUGH!


At the core of yoga practice is the remembrance of who we are. Step onto the yoga mat in this class and refine what is already there: If you’ve felt inflexible in the past, you will stretch open. If you’ve felt imbalanced, you will find steadiness. If you’ve felt weak, feel empowered! In eight weeks, you will learn basic alignment guidelines to help you move more deeply and confidently into your yoga practice.


Class will begin with a five-minute thematic talk while you do important self-care — massage your feet! We will then move into easy warm-ups linking breath and movement. Following warm-up, you will be guided through several postures with detailed instruction. A different breathing and or meditation technique will be woven into the final poses, as well as some gentle stretching. You will finish class in the relaxed lying-down state of savasana. Stephanie is known to chant, sing, and play music, so be prepared to be "sung" to sleep in savasana occasionally.



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